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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Surviving Your Serengeti, Stephen Swanepoel

 This is a self-help book aimed at businesses and individuals.  The author tells a story of a safari that a couple wins and how meeting up with an old friend with lots of words of wisdom changes their lives. 

I felt the story was forced and not believable.  I could visualize the savanna and the animals so the writing wasn’t bad, but I did not really get what they were going for.  As a self-help book I think this one fell flat, maybe a bit more explanation on each animal and maybe a blending of each would have helped.   

Although this is a short book it took me some time to be able to finish it, I found it hard to stay into the story. This book was almost written as you would write a children's book. I do however think the basic points were good for your business but the delivery should have been better. The book is short and that might help more people pick it up to read, but I think the author needed more time and space to get his point across.  But then again maybe I'm the only one that feels this way.

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